Marcellus the Giant

This Desmos activity was a hit with my first period. I can’t wait to try it out with my other classes. The best part was seeing the increase in precise, accurate math vocabulary usage from the first student entry screen and the last!


Desmos Experts

So yesterday I was trying to make a Desmos activity work and was talking with another teacher about it. We had a question for Desmos, and I asked them on my class twitter account.

And they responded.

I love Twitter and the #MTBoS. @mathycathy ‘s solution was great.

Here’s my fourth period full of card sort experts. With five minutes left in the period, no one wanted to pack up early. Awesome!


Making Rotations work in Middle School

This is a question I should put to the MTBoS. Has anyone had success with this in middle school?  I like the idea, but I have trouble with the execution. When my students are not in the teacher-led group, they struggle to stay on task. When I’m working in a small group, I have trouble getting my students to understand within the time I have for the rotation. Hm. I’m reflecting and realize I have had rotations work before, but I guess I’m remembering the times it hasn’t more prominently (there have probably been more times of it not working).

Brainstorm of ways to make these work better:

  • have a video station for students to watch an explanation and take notes before meeting with me, for students who are going to need to hear it more than once –  maybe this should come after the teacher meeting
  •  the content to be taught should be very narrow – so it’s not more than can be explained multiple ways in 10 minutes.
  • have more hands-on
  • don’t give any new activities for the independent stations (I won’t have time to explain a new game or task-style)

I think I’ll make rotations a goal for this next concept. I want students to use proportional thinking to solve percent of problems.

Station Ideas:

  • Ratio Tables
  • Double Number lines
  • Comparing tables and # lines to tape diagrams
  • Tape diagrams with teacher
  • Video examples
  • Math In Context book has error ratio tables for analysis
  • Task Cards – answers available to check
  • Khan Academy practice