Clothesline Number Line Fail

It felt like a fail.

I’m sure I just need to rethink how to implement this.

I was excited.

The kids were not as enthusiastic as I.

A few of them engaged in the discussion.

For many, I felt like it was time wasted.

Hmmmmm. Frustration.

There were misconceptions uncovered.

Maybe I need to go smaller.

Warm ups.

Small groups.

Engaging the whole class today was unsuccessful.

Today, we were looking at Fractions, Decimals, and Percents between 0 and 1. Some misconceptions uncovered: Positive Fractions and Decimals are less than 0, Negative Numbers = Fractions and Decimals, 0.321 is less than 0.3 because it’s thousandths.

These boys were thinking today and for every child who was, I’d like to make this work.