When you’re really really busy – take on one more thing.

This seems to be my theme lately. And I really need it not to be.

Perculating lately in my head.

  • going gradeless in my classroom
  • problems vs. exercises
  • problem-based curriculum
  • online courses
  • student feedback
  • student ownership of learning
  • google-based apps to make learning more engaging and more natural to track
  • communicating with parents the meaning of classroom structures, math practice and what grades mean regarding student understanding and student worth
  • preparing students for jobs that don’t exist with applicable skills to learn processes and tools that don’t exist yet
  • service-based learning
  • teamwork
  • adult learning
  • personal finance
  • volunteering in the greater community
  • engaging with my district on a more significant level regarding professional development
  • engaging with the greater MTBoS
  • setting SMART goals
  • helping dispel math myths
  • growth mindset
  • teaching children perseverance

I need to narrow this list or at least focus my efforts.