DITLife – May 17th, 2017

5:30 – Alarm. Reading. Exercise. Get ready for the day.

6:50 – Leave for school.

7:10 – Arrive at school. (I love this commute, just long enough and the sunrise as I drive over the mountain is generally gorgeous.) Eat breakfast. Check email.

7:40 – Students arrive for homeroom.

8:00 – I’m “free” for ELT as we broke into field day teams and I don’t have a team this year. I use the time to set up for my class and watch the students who are in the hallway sorting field day events for another teacher.

1st – Each class runs very similarly today. We finish Genius Hour presentations, have time to work on the end-of-year reflections and then start our movie: Hidden Figures. I’m so excited about this movie! The students are too, but they are disheartened to find that there is an assignment associated. Students are adding sketches to quotes from the movie and responding to four question sets. Nothing too much and mostly drawing (which they LOVE to do at other times). As we started and listened for the quotes, they realized it wasn’t bad and stopped complaining.

2nd – same

3rd and lunch – Students were asked who they wanted their audience to be for their presentation and were given choices of their class period, their team, their grade or the whole world. Several students chose wide audiences but backed out when the day to present came. One presented to our team last week and today, one presented to the whole grade level at lunch. We projected her presentation on the screen and gave her a microphone and she addressed 300 of her peers. That is a scary thing to do and I was proud of her for doing it. I’m glad I gave children an option even if they didn’t all follow-through. Perhaps next time they have an option to put themselves out there, they’ll take it!

4th – same

1:30 – sending the students to connections at the end of the day feels like a monumental success as the year winds down.

I spend the first half of planning grading and reading a couple of education articles. I then go on a hunt for paper and talk with colleagues addressing some concerns for next year and creating a way for us to collaborate and cultivate our ideas so we don’t lose any thoughts as we prep for the coming year.

3:30 – I remember I need the popcorn machine for tomorrow (my students thought it would be easier to complete an assignment while watching a movie if they were also eating popcorn). The next hour is spent cleaning the machine and I have more to do tomorrow morning as well.

I am feeling much less stressed today than I was a month ago and completely missed writing my DITLife post. That day was crazy with the morning starting with me getting to school only 5 minutes late, but 40 minutes behind my plan. (Teenager with keys in a locked car across the county.) I was running that whole day – I didn’t even realize I’d missed my post until I went to sleep the NEXT day. And with standardized testing, field trips, course exams, and running my first Edcamp, the post never was posted.

Today was a calm day in the middle of a “normal” week. Last week we had three field trips, next week we have field day, Honors day and the last day of school. This week feels like a gift in comparison. It helps that my course finished their last exam already and the presentations and now finished. We get to watch this lovely movie that highlights the power of math and makes it very cool. Today was a good day and tomorrow will be too!

5:00 – pick up daughter at the high school

6:20 – meet the photographer who took our family photos last week and picked out the ones I want to print

7:00 – watch television while my husband and children are at the church (I totally should have started working on my other job, but enjoyed the quiet, uninterrupted veg time!)

8:30 – family time

9:30 – work on BYUI course

11:30 – remember I was supposed to write this day up and post it



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