DITLife – March 17th, 2017

5:16 AM – Read in bed before and after the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM, Get up – pack for a camping trip I’m going on with my daughters tonight – leave for school.

6:50 AM – Arrive at school, check my online course for issues that need to be addressed, read blog posts on education, eat breakfast.

7:20 AM – School day start time for teachers and I head down to check my mailbox and check in with fellow teachers

7:30 AM – Check email and head back down to the office to discuss discipline issue that came up.

7:40 AM – School day starts. Today is Genius Hour and I have students working on individual, student-selected, research projects. While most students are working on Genius Hour, I’m able to reach out to those who are missing work and work with a small group of students who need remediation. I love, love, love Genius Hour for the ability it gives me to work more one-on-one with students.

2nd, 3rd and 4th periods happen much the same as 1st and I’m grateful for that on a Friday. My planning is my own today and I get a weekly grade in for each student. I finish a letter to send home with report cards on Monday, set my lesson plans for the week and make the copies I need for next week. Woop!

4:30 PM – My daughter arrives to pick me and my other daughter up and we head off to the campground.

Mother-daughter campout with church friends – campfire – chili dinner – smores – stories – games – talking – laughter.

Midnight – Put out the rest of the fire and head to bed.


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