DITLife February 17th, 2017

My alarm went off at the regular time, 5:30 AM. I reached over to hit snooze and felt the effects of my close contact with a group of students who have had multiple illnesses. I think it’s a chest cold, but my throat was burning this morning, so I slept as long as I could and then made use of my wonderful teenage girls who ran into the both Starbucks and Dairy Queen to pick me up a breakfast of bacon, grits, and Carmel Apple Spice Cider. (I love breakfast in the South.)

I rolled into work exactly on time this morning, and since I changed my tutoring times to Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I had time to go visit with some teachers and continue a conversation we’ve been having about professional development and student engagement.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve introduced Genius Hour to all of my classes. Fridays are the day set aside for Genius Hour. I’ll have to blog more about how I’ve made Genius Hour work for my students. My first-period students were engaged and working when I left class to use the restroom and ran into my assistant principal in the hallway. I mentioned Genius Hour was happening in my room and she went to visit. She was able to get a good survey of how it was working (and where it could be improved) before the power went out across campus.

Ah! This is that time all those education classes told us to prepare for with lesson plans that had a plan B. Since my students were in the research stage of Genius Hour, my plan B was the media center and the several sets of lovely encyclopedias housed there. We had a mini-lesson on how to use an encyclopedia, and we kept on working. My second period started in the library and part-way through the lights came back on – much to the disappointment of the students.

The day continued without further interruptions, and I spent my planning meeting getting ready for the next week and grading so that I wouldn’t have anything left to do before the upcoming long weekend. I paused for a moment during planning to stand in the sun and anticipate the weekend I had before me.

I worked at the school until 5 PM and then headed to my church building with my family. It was our turn to help clean the building.

I spent my evening watching shows, working on the website for the Edcamp I’m hosting in May, checking on my online course and trying not to hack up a lung with my cough that’s developed.

I’m signing off on this post with peace, I’ve wrapped work and not left a mess for myself to return to on Tuesday (and wrote this DITLife post on time) and my goal this weekend is to read a book and to sit on the beach in the sunshine.



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