Look what I found!

A couch.

In a teachers’ lounge.

At my school!

It’s so weird; I haven’t seen either since I was a high school student. And that was a loooong time ago.


I knew they were putting the copier machines in the same space along with other teacher workroom tools for this side of campus, but I hadn’t realized they’d put a couch in here too. A large, expansive, L-shaped couch. And while I’m not on this side of campus daily, I’ve never seen anyone in here. Probably because when I’m over on this side, it’s during my planning and all the teachers over here are teaching, and the 6th-grade teachers usually use the copier on our side of campus.

I sat down and took this selfie and then got up to run an afterschool club. I wonder who sits in here? Maybe we should have math meetings on this couch and crank up that popcorn machine.


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