DITLife – September 17th

Today’s Day in the Life post day falls on Saturday. Saturdays are busy for me, but not scheduled so this post won’t be either.

  • Woke up later than normal, but still early. It feels nice to wake up without an alarm and today I didn’t have to be anywhere early enough to need one.
  • Went into town to give my son a ride. He moved out last week and lives near work so usually his bicycle is enough.
  • Stopped by the thrift store to look for a dresser and found three awesome pieces of furniture. Arranged for delivery and am thankful my husband has a job that allows him to take off to meet a delivery driver at noon on Tuesday.
  • Drove to the Atlanta Temple with my husband to be there to welcome our daughter who walked there with a youth group as part of their youth conference.
  • Enjoyed construction traffic on 400 North. 
  • Filled two vehicles with gas.
  • Shopped for groceries.
  • Worked on my course for BYU-I.
  • Worked on the next unit for my sixth-graders.
  • Packaged reward treats for after-school students.
  • Packaged a new prize for my classroom Guess What game
  • Fought against a splitting headache the whole day.
  • Went to bed early – 9pm.

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