Reaching every Student

I try to make my class as flexible as possible, so every student can work at the pace they need and feel successful. This flexibility has limits as I do have a limited amount of time I can spend curating activities, retakes and small group instruction for students. I need to make some adjustments in how I get students the additional help they need. Morning tutoring and lunch time for retesting will be where I focus right now.

Currently, I have 13% of my students who borderline on their grades and another 15% who need some serious intervention.

There is a balance I find hard to find where I am working harder than my students seem to be. How do I get them to buy in? I’m not sure I have solutions. I do know the things I’m trying to focus on this year don’t seem to be making the problem any worse than it is every other year and I feel better about how the class is going.

I’m using more positive behavior focus. I’m pushing a growth-mindset nearly every day. I’m working on working flexibly with number sense. I’ll see if these things continue to feel like they are making a difference in more than just the climate of my classroom.


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