After School Programs and Math

Sitting in a seat

Facing a screen and a wall

Away from a friendly face

No assurance that I can do this at all

The structure is unknown, untrusted, but tried

When the answer is correct, I’m surprised

I have no idea why

It’s random

The list of steps is





and my mistakes are not few

Does my answer make sense?

Should it?

Does it?

Is it right?

That’s all that matters,



Math should inspire, excite and make sense

Math should be fun and cause conversation,

After-school or in-school, activities should build

understanding – build structure and sense.

Forced procedures aren’t fun for the learner or the guide.


I need a new angle on homework for my after-school students. My last post was about things that need to change. I’ve got a handle on those changes. I can tell you, that I’m not about to do another day of after-school like I did today.




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