Classroom Management

After a decade of teaching, I now feel like I’ve got a good handle on this aspect of teaching. This aspect that is crucial and unfortunately overlooked in teacher preparatory classes. I learned on the job. Asking for help my first year got me administrator acknowledgment that they really just throw you in without help or guidance and if you swim instead of sink, then you get to keep being a teacher. That was just as helpful as you’d imagine. I attended a day course on dealing with difficult students sometime in my first year or two. And new hires got a copy of “The First Two Weeks”. A book I couldn’t appreciate fully until about year 10.

I was thinking about class management today in the after school program as I watched the college students manage students and reflected on my beginning attempts. Sure some things come with the wisdom of age and experience, but a lot of classroom management can be taught and can save beginning teachers years of headaches. As professional teachers, we should be better at teaching our own. We should be more open, more willing to accept suggestions from others and have more time to observe fellow teachers in action. I’m glad I took up the #ObserveMe challenge and plan to promote that more at my school. We can help each other be better, sooner for the children we teach.


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