I really should have done the work I needed to get done tomorrow first, but I thought I would check out one blog post first and a twitter notification. And that led to learning these new things I am adding to my “learn this so I can implement it in my classroom list”.

  • Found this great post about Lesson Closure (one of the areas I need to improve) from Dan Meyers blog and added the new blog to my WordPress followings.
  • Now following @TracyZager and @fractionfantic on Twitter (lots of good things to find on their websites – excited and challenged by what I’ve read so far. I also started following @mathequalslove and @TechedUpTeacher (I have followed the blogs of these last two and was surprised I wasn’t already following their twitter feeds.)
  • Sumaze and Sumaze2 are apps I’m requesting be on every student iPad. (Free and lovely.)
  • Finding this post again about Dividing Fractions from Fawn Nguyen. I saw it early in the summer, but I’m glad to have it pop up again in my trail following as I will be teaching this concept to my sixth-graders in a few weeks.

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