Where does the time go?

Lesson planning and “estimated time”. Estimated time is such a difficult thing sometimes. I thought I’d under planned my lesson today and mentally made a few notes of what to do when students finished early. That wasn’t necessary. What I figured would take 5 minutes, ended up taking 20 for all my learners. So, the discussion opportunities and turning and talking to your table groups that I was expecting to have today will have to wait until tomorrow. I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing through the big idea for tomorrow, so I’ll have to think some more on how to edit the lesson to allow students to see the big idea and connect what we did today with what’s going on tomorrow. This lesson, using GCF with the distributive property is so abstract and difficult for students to get a handle on. I think models are important for understanding, but students are resistant to the models. Thinking…. Working…. I’ll see what I come up with for tomorrow.




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