Thank Goodness for Fridays

There were a lot of lovely moments today and I feel like some of them will be longer blog posts in the future. But for now, I’m jotting down some of the things I enjoyed about today.

  • Lovely 7th graders who came by again to say hi and to help me in my classroom.
  • Students who stayed on task today even though they initially were stumped by a problem.
  • Those students who voiced encouragement and focus when the group was able to discuss the problem.
  • Students who were forgiving.
  • Students who showed compassion.
  • Students who persevered through problem-solving.
  • Students who advocated for themselves and asked for a tool and when said tool was unavailable, restated their request so that the another option was acceptable. The self-advocacy was really impressive.
  • Teachers who share ideas and offer help.

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