Pear Deck

Today, I used Pear Deck with all of my classes. It went okay. Two of my classes were highly engaged. Two others seemed more distracted by how cool the tech was than the lesson. Which was alright for today, as I had a lesson that was more teaching the tech rather than content. I’ll try again with those two classes and see if the shiny aspect of the tech has worn off enough to focus a little more.

It’s not the Pear Deck wasn’t engaging for those students. I’m still finding what will work for those students. This class is a first for me; they seem oblivious to the face that I’d like to have their attention. Sweetly, joyfully oblivious. So, I have things to learn. I did some reading during planning today and have a few things I’m going to try tomorrow. They are good kids, and I’m sure we’ll work out the issue. Not all the students are missing the signal for focus, and I’m so thankful for those who see me there striving to help them. Love them all!

While falling the rabbit hole of links on Twitter just a bit ago, I found some decks created by (I believe) Seth Leavitt from materials on the Estimation 180 site by Andrew Stadel. I used one today after editing it slightly. Students liked the ability to engage in the lesson in a new way. I like the way Pear Deck gives all the students a voice.

I could see Pear Deck being something I would pay for in the future. For now, I’ll continue to test it out in class. And work with my students on how to best use this tool to further their learning.


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