Fueling the Fire

Yesterday’s Number Talk felt like it wasn’t as accessible as I wanted and the one I picked for today wasn’t better. I ended the day feeling a little discouraged and wondering if I was going to have the energy to maintain my enthusiasm for…

Number Talks

Growth Mindset

Engaging Tasks

Clear Classroom Procedures 

and all those best practices to give my students the best year they can have. 

And then I opened Jo Boaler’s email from youcubed.org to find her lessons for Inspirational Math! 

These things are AWESOME. 

They are the very best tidbits of the How to Learn Math course in video form combined with engaging activities for students. This ties in perfectly with what I’m trying to create in my classroom and I am excited to use them now and throughout the year.

The discovery of this resource pushed me through today and buoyed my excitement for tomorrow!


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