3 Things I’m Grateful for at the Start of a new school year

I’m rolling home just before midnight after a long day of preplanning and an after school activity (for my personal life – yeah for having a personal life during the school year!).

A quick post of gratitude.

  1. I’m grateful for the amazing people I work with who love children and work hard to make our students’ lives better in innumerable ways.
  2. I’m grateful for a principal who is a lead teacher, inspirational in his goals and expectations for the staff. He was a teacher on the team of the teacher I student taught with and now he is the principal of the same school, where I have also taught since student teaching. Yesterday as he was addressing us, I was struck by how much this year reflects him and his personality and I’m grateful he still has a teacher’s heart and a young soul.
  3. I am so grateful for the greater education community that has through blogs, books, conferences and many other learning opportunities helped to mold me into the teacher I am today. I am starting my 11th year teaching the most confident I have ever been that I have the ability to make a difference, that I can inspire a love of learning in my students and that love above all else will help our world.

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