Achieve the Core – A Common Core Resource for Teachers

This site is full of good information, including links to other excellent resources sites.

Here is a screen shot of one resource I’m using this summer as I redesign units for the upcoming year. Math 6 Standards at a Glance


The other best thing I added this year in my classroom.

This year I flipped my honors class and by the end of the year, I had found which allows me to embed questions into any video to assess student understanding as they watch. I use the videos I create. With Schoology and putting my whole course online, I’m very excited for the start of the new year; my students will have access to material to review or advance like never before. I hope it is helpful to my students and to the parents of my students. Most especially, I want it to aid student understanding. And I believe it will.

Handwriting Font

I saw this a few years ago, but finally tried it for the first time today. In just a few seconds, the PaintFont website will turn your handwriting into your very own font – for FREE! So cool. I have decent handwriting, but when I write a lot, the words become more cursive like and then slanted and squished so that it can be hard to read. You can definitely tell when I get tired. 🙂 Now I can type with my own handwriting and it looks as good at the end of the message as it did at the beginning. I love it!

Sample of my handwriting font